Excerpt from Page 108

Published January 23, 2017

Project Management for Experienced Project Managers | Victor Allen and Ron May

Excerpt from Page 108:

Internal Negotiations

Negotiating with a vendor/supplier is important, but they are
not nearly as important as the negotiation that you will do
within your internal organization and with your project team.
It would be nice if a project manager had a magic lamp that
they could rub and wish for everything that they needed. The
reality, however, is that most project managers have to utilize
their negotiating skills to get virtually everything that
they need. Project managers have to negotiate with senior
managers, peers, functional organization managers, team
members, administrative assistants, departments, organizations,
committees, and maybe even the cleaning person to
leave the lights on longer. Project managers have to negotiate
budget, spending, schedule, scope, deliverables, work items,
assignments, overtime, rewards, team building, equipment,
training, and whether or not bagels can be served at an allhands
meeting. The list is endless and the results are impactful.
You can do much more damage to your overall project by
failing in these internal negotiations than you can by failing
in your vendor/supplier negotiations. This is especially true
if you violate the principles around respect, trust, honesty or