Excerpt from Chapter 5 – “REPORTING STATUS AND METRICS”

Published January 17, 2017

Project Management for Experienced Project Managers | Victor Allen and Ron May

Excerpt from Chapter 5 – “REPORTING STATUS AND METRICS”:

Sound measurement practices are central to successful management
of the planning, execution and control of a project. The use
of the appropriate measures or metrics and the information they
provide determine our ability to make good decisions. The better
the information about the project activities, the better we can
guide the project toward successful completion.

In addition, the better our measures of project performance, the
better we can keep our customers, sponsor and others informed
of the progress of the project. Every project requires adjustments
due to actual performance differing from planned performance.
Depending on the size of the adjustment, the adjustment will need
to be communicated as part of the performance to the appropriate
audience to avoid any surprises for your stakeholders.