Excerpt from Page 29

Published January 8, 2017

Project Management for Experienced Project Managers | Victor Allen and Ron May

Excerpt from Page 29:

Inexperienced Project Teams

If you are faced with the challenge of developing a detailed
project schedule with a group of individuals that have limited
or no experience working on projects, your tactics must
change to fit the situation and remember patience is a virtue.
The following is an approach that I have used in the past
when dealing with individuals who have no concept of what
a project schedule is or how to create one, yet they hold the
knowledge of what needs to be done for the project.

Provide an overview of the planning process and provide
definitions for some of the terms. In the past, I have developed
something that I call a ‘project launch guide’ to provide
this overview. The guide walks through some of the basics
of what to expect working on the project, as well as how to
go about developing a work breakdown structure in a room
with sticky notes and a marker. You may develop a launch
guide on your own or use the sample material provided in the