Excerpt from Chapter 2 – “SCHEDULING THE PROJECT”

Published January 2, 2017

Project Management for Experienced Project Managers | Victor Allen and Ron May

Excerpt from Chapter 2 – “SCHEDULING THE PROJECT”:

The project charter has been completed, the project scope has
been described, and the requirements have been defined. Now the
schedule(s) must be developed. The first question to ask is “How
many schedules do I need?” Larger projects generally require the
development of at least two schedules. I refer to these schedules as
the high-level schedule (forest) and the detailed schedule (trees).

Think of the high-level schedule as the 40,000 foot view of your
project that will provide that multi-year view or your top 100
to 200 project activities. The high-level schedule will help you
stay focused on your project’s overall commitment around cost
and schedule, as well as provide the foundation for your detailed